About the Blogger

I’m Kelli and I’m a southern New Jersey girl who has been living in Phoenix, Arizona for nine years (time truly does fly!). Though no one would have been able to call me a “domestic goddess” with a straight face while I was in my twenties, I have learned my way around the mixing bowl over the past few years. Since I’ve worked in event planning and hospitality since I was 14, I’m usually drawn to a recipe first by presentation, then by actual ingredients. I love the moment right before I plate a meal – the anticipation of whether it will look the way I imagined and what my guests’ first reaction will be.

I seem to choose most recipes based on ease, prep time and lack of wasted ingredients. I hate wasting a carton of heavy cream just to use a cup of it for a recipe, so I’m often surfing websites and blogs for recipes that will help me use my leftovers. I would love to learn more about proper cooking technique and skill, but for right now I’m just happy to be in my kitchen creating something beautiful and delicious.

Besides cooking,  I love reading, playing with my puppy, hiking, daydreaming about buying a vacation home in France or Italy, trying to grow an herb garden and watching the Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Eagles and the Phoenix Suns (I’m also a Reds, Bengals and Buckeyes fan by marriage). I don’t at all like knick knacks and clutter, but I do collect local cookbooks from places to which I travel. If I could live anywhere, I’d split my time between Staples and Sur la Table. I have a master’s degree in public relations and I’d love to get one in art history.  I took French class for eight years while I was in high school and college and last year I completed my first Italian class.

Right now I’m taking a hiatus from working and while I’m excited about my next steps professionally, I’m fortunate and happy becoming acquainted with the little joys in life – breakfast on the back patio, running errands on a weekday, watching the news, watching prime time television, saying yes to dinner dates with my friends, cooking a three-course dinner from scratch, making my husband’s lunch every morning, volunteering to baby sit a friend’s kids when she’s in a pinch, calling the east coast on a weekday, going to the gym when it’s quiet, leisurely going to the post office to mail a gift…the list goes on. While my time off won’t last forever, I’m becoming re-energized and re-inspired for whatever comes next!

Thanks so much for reading!!!



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